Unlocking Your Leadership Puzzle: Celebrate Your Distinctive Role and Create a Powerful Legacy

Dear Change Leaders,

If you’re embarking on a change project, aiming for your team to adopt new values, a new way of working, or any kind of behavioral change, we have found that people tend to take on one of these five roles.

Imagine having these five distinct individuals on your team. Each character represents a unique set of attitudes towards change, reflecting the varied responses you’re likely to encounter within your real team.

Meet Your Team of Change

Peter, The Pioneer: Peter is always a step ahead, dreaming of what’s next. Standing beside you, Peter sees opportunities where others see obstacles, driven by a vision of what could be.

Peter’s mantra, “This is wrong. How do I make it right?” fuels a relentless pursuit of improvement and innovation. In your journey, Peter is the spark that ignites the fire of change, challenging the status quo and envisioning a brighter future.

Christine, The Champion: Christine is your right-hand person, the one who takes your vision and Peter’s pioneering ideas and turns them into actionable plans.

“What can I do to help? How can I add value?” Christine asks, always ready to support and drive the team forward. With an innate ability to organize and motivate, Christine ensures that every step towards change is celebrated, making the vision accessible and attainable for all.

Ivan, The Influencer: With a natural flair for communication, Ivan spreads enthusiasm like wildfire. “How can I spread the word? How can I get others to join in?”

Through engaging stories and persuasive dialogue, Ivan helps bridge gaps between vision and action, bringing more and more team members into the fold. Ivan’s role is pivotal in creating a community of change, one conversation at a time.

Helene, The Hesitater: Cautious and contemplative, Helene represents the voice of prudence. “Is this safe for us/me? Let’s wait and see.”

Helene’s hesitation isn’t a barrier but a checkpoint, ensuring that the team’s enthusiasm is tempered with wisdom and reflection. In your narrative, Helene’s cautious approach provides balance, ensuring that change is not just pursued for its own sake but carefully considered and planned.

Oliver, The Obstructer: Every story has its challenges, and Oliver embodies the skepticism and resistance that you’re bound to face.

“This won’t work. Here we go again. Waste of time/money.” Yet, Oliver’s opposition is a crucial part of your journey, offering you the opportunity to engage deeply with concerns and resistance, turning obstacles into lessons and skeptics into allies.

Navigating Change With Your Team

While Peter, Christine, Ivan, Helene, and Oliver may not be on your team in person, their attitudes and behaviors likely resonate with some of the team members you work with every day. Recognizing these traits is the first step towards leading your team through change effectively.

Here’s how you can support each character in navigating the change:

For the Pioneers like Peter: Clarify and amplify their vision, ensuring it aligns with the team and organizational goals. Help them communicate this vision in a way that inspires and engages others.

For the Champions like Christine: Provide resources and support to translate vision into action. Recognize their contributions and encourage them to take leadership roles in driving the change.

For the Influencers like Ivan: Empower them with the message and the medium to spread the word. Foster an environment where their enthusiasm can be contagious, motivating others to join the cause.

For the Hesitaters like Helene: Offer assurance and evidence to mitigate their concerns. Engage them in risk assessment and planning, making them feel seen and valued for their caution.

For the Obstructers like Oliver: Listen to their concerns and address them directly. Encourage open dialogue and involve them in finding solutions to their challenges, turning their skepticism into constructive criticism.

Change is a journey, and each member of your team plays a crucial role in navigating its path.Β The question is: do you know who’s who on your team?

By understanding and addressing each character’s unique perspectives and needs, you can lead your team to successful and sustainable change.

If you need a thinking partner as you navigate change, contact me. We’ll set up a strategy call to clarify the situation and identify ways we can help you and your team.



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