Florin Lungu on the quickest way to gain leadership influence

I have a question for you!

Do you know what’s the quickest way to gain influence?

Influence is the leader’s best friend. The ability to affect change or inspire action in someone else genuinely, naturally, without use of force or fabrication – influence and leadership go hand-in-hand. In fact, author and leadership expert, John Maxwell says that leadership is influence – nothing more and nothing less. The more profound your influence, the more effective your leadership.

So, do you know the fastest way to increase your influence?

(Hint: if you joined my live training session yesterday, you already know!)

Well – I mentioned in my last email that all commerce can boil down to solving problems for a profit. That would make problem-solving the most valuable skill on the market.

And that’s true in more ways than one!

Problem-solving is also the fastest path to increased influence in your team and your organization. The more problems you can solve, the more influence you gain. And the bigger, more complicated, or more common those problems are, the more you establish your influence.

When I first became a leader, I had no influence with my team. I had spent years working among them. Then suddenly I was “above” them on the org chart, asking them for progress reports and project deliverables.

My new position was almost a joke to them!

Don’t play boss with us, Florin! they used to say to me. The only problem was that I was not playing! I was their boss, and they would wave me off. Important deadlines had to be moved back; projects got delayed because I had no pull with my team.

I wanted them to see that the only thing that had changed about me was the resources I had to help them – so I set out to show them.

If they complained, I listened. If I knew something was bothering them, I took action. I made their concerns a priority and took them to my own leader. I was able to advocate for my team’s cause and get their issues resolved.

And my team took notice!

Once they saw their problems beginning to disappear, they recognized a few things…

1. Their leader valued their input. When they shared feedback, they were heard. Their leader was not just humouring them – he was listening.

2. Their leader cared about their experience. Their leader wanted to make their job easier and more enjoyable. 

3. Their leader would use his authority in their best interest. Instead of feeling threatened by or resentful of his position, they saw that rapport with their leader would serve them well because of his capacity to help them.

4. They worked better with their leader than they did without him. Problems got solved and progress got made when they communicated authentically with their leader. 

In one intentional effort, I earned the respect and appreciation of my team. Soon enough I had heard Don’t play boss with us! for the last time ever and I began getting updates and deliverables right on schedule.

Not only did I gain influence with my team, but I also helped them improve their job performance. With problems out of their way, there were fewer barriers between them and their full potential. Knowing their leader wanted them to succeed, they were motivated to lean in harder – contribute more – engage to the greatest extent.

This is the influential power of problem-solving!

And if you are currently dealing with an influence problem yourself, let me offer you one more simple solution: check out the free replay of yesterday’s training session, “Discover 3 Keys to Developing the Leader Within You” for more leadership insights!

That’s all for now.

Until next time,


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