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It has been said that if one student fails a test, the student is to blame, but if the whole class fails, the teacher is at fault.

An individual performing very differently from the rest may show that they alone were not prepared, that they have not been paying attention during lessons, or maybe that they were simply too hungry to concentrate on the day of the exam.

But if the whole class does poorly, more than likely, something is wrong with the test itself.

This is just one expression of a law so fundamental, it may as well be a law of nature…

Ailing sports teams hire new coaches.

Countries in trouble elect new presidents.

And businesses producing less than their potential hire new leaders.

In every industry, and in every organized group, we see that the health of the whole is determined by the leader.

If the leader is doing well, they lift up those they lead; if they are not, they reduce the ability of the group. 

My mentor and associate, leadership expert Dr. John Maxwell, named this principle “the Law of the Lid,” because the leader determines the level of the “lid” on the capacity of the organization.

The leader dictates how much, or how little, the company is able to accomplish; everything rises and falls on leadership.

The Law of the Lid is the first of Dr. Maxwell’s 21 irrefutable laws of leadership.

This phrase, “irrefutable law of leadership,” has always fascinated me. This is not a “guideline” or a “suggestion” of leadership… it is a “law,” like a law of physics, and it is “irrefutable,” as much a fact as 2 + 2 = 4.

With the knowledge of this law comes a realization that is equal parts sobering and liberating…

A leader’s actions, inactions, priorities, attitudes, abilities, and personality all have a profound effect on their business.

This thought is humbling, because we must realize the full weight of responsibility of leadership. Every past mistake and future decision, every shortchange of potential, every ball dropped and goal not met is ours to carry.

But at the same time, this idea empowers us greatly! We realize that there is no problem or third party who can take away our ability to improve our leadership. Our problems are our own, which means the solutions are, also.

So, now that we know what the Law of the Lid is, how can we make it work for us?

The Law of the Lid can only offer us a perspective. Leaders are meant to carry that new understanding into their leadership and consider it as they move forward.

But what does that look like? Simply knowing that leaders are responsible for the growth of their organization leaves us with so many questions.

How do I know if my leadership is sabotaging those I lead?

How do I know the true potential of my organization?

How can I improve my leadership ability to lift my leadership lid?

What kind of questions must I ask?

What awareness must I gain?

Which resources must I use?

If you want answers to these questions and more, join me this coming Monday at 12PM CET for a special teaching by Dr. John Maxwell.

On this invigorating edition of Leading on Mondays, we will offer you insight on the Law of the Lid and how it impacts your organization.

Mark your calendars – 24th January, we will help you maximize your impact and the impact of your organization.

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